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Premio Ramiro Lagos, 2022
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Christian Báchez, ’23
Ari Herrera, ’22
Dora Calva, ’22
Grace Hoelscher, ’22

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Stephen DiRado (Clark University)
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Juan Andrés Ercoli (Argentina)
Priscila Ponce Jovel, ’22
Paige St. Lawrence, ’22
Juliana Tronsky, ’22

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Diego Avalos, ’26
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⟩  Diana Chávez Cruz | Mallory Doyle | María Alejandra Méndez | Mario Oliva | Erin Trask

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Tiffany Céspedes,’26
Henrry Ibáñez (Perú)
Fernanda Pérez-Álvarez, ’24
Fiona Willette, ’24

Lecturas creativas (Assumption University)
Introduction | Maryanne Leone
Victoria Freitas, ’23
Madelynn Johnson, ’22
Tasneem Mohammed, ’23
Leah Scontras, ’23

Anna Dailey, ’25
Samantha Fersobe, ’22
Amy Inestroza, ’25
Ruth López Espinoza, ’25

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The Ramiro Lagos Prize

(para español, pulsa aquí)

With this issue of fósforo, we are pleased to resume publishing the winners of the Ramiro Lagos Poetry Prize, created by the the Department of World Languages at Worcester State University, along with the College of the Holy Cross, Trinity College, Clark University, Fitchburg State University, Quinsigamond Community College, University of Connecticut, Anna Maria College, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

This special fourth edition of the prize called for a sonnet connected to a fruit or vegetable, as in Lagos’s book Frutología de Eros.

This award aims to encourage, support, promote, and publicize the creation of high-quality poetic works by students of the partner universities. Poems in Spanish that are original, unpublished, and whose theme revolves around the poetry of Ramiro Lagos are eligible.

The poet Ramiro Lagos was born in Zapatoca, Santander, Colombia, September 24th, 1922. Since 1961 he has lived in the USA as Professor of Spanish, first at the University of Notre Dame (1962-1956) and then at the University of North Carolina (1965-1994), having held the position of Director of Hispanic courses abroad until 2007. He now holds the position of Professor Emeritus.

Lagos has published more than 35 books of critical research and poetry. He has been honored several times in the USA, Spain and Colombia, where he has been distinguished with the "Laurel de oro" of Santander poetry. In 2012 the Government of Santander decorated him with "La Gran Cruz al Mérito" for his contribution to Colombian literature. Recently, in April 2017, the Academy of History of Colombia has honored him for his long and fruitful career.
—Antonio Guijarro-Donadiós, Ph.D.
Worcester State University

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