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Blooming Thoughts

Blooming Thoughts, 2021
1/8-inch plywood and latex paint, 144”x83”
On display in the Visual Arts Wing, Dinand Library,
until December 2021

Blooming Thoughts is an interactive project created by the 2021 freshman Montserrat class “Visualizing Systems,” led by Professor Victor Pacheco.

Students collaborated in the creation of a mural and the digital documentation of their work (see link below). The image of a  cherry tree in bloom behind the Holy Cross shield was chosen by the class to inspire renewal and joy for the upcoming spring and summer season. “It was influenced by the hectic year that was uprooted by the pandemic,” students write. “All of us wanted to share with the Holy Cross community a sign of hope and excitement as the weather and pandemic continue to get better every day. Other aspects of the project we have all worked on are inviting students from outside the class to participate in contributing to the mural by drawing their hands to be part of the mural representing the community.” 

“We have all experienced this year together as a community and we will continue to get through it together as the year progresses forward in a positive direction. In addition to this interactive piece, we have incorporated personal recordings of responses from students in our class and other classes. The responses are a record of our experiences and thoughts relating to the pandemic. We look forward to sharing our art with the Holy Cross community and hope that we can create a reflective moment or put a smile on everyone's faces!”

Please click on the image below to view the project website that the students designed and created. The site includes images and a time-lapse of the work’s creation, comments on the students inspiration, and audio reflections on a year when so many of us waited expectantly for spring. 

Students in Prof. Pacheco’s Montserrat seminar together in the Holy Cross studio where the mural was created.
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