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Paola Cadena Pardo, Spanish

Paola Cadena-Pardo (Colombia) has published two poetry books: Hotel (Ulrika, Bogotá, 2008), and Cinema (Bid & Co. Editor, Venezuela, 2012). Her poems have also appeared in different anthologies and literary magazines of Colombia, Spain, México and EE. UU. Her essay book Corpus autobiográfico de Julio Cortázar y Alejandra Pizarnik: un acercamiento a la experiencia creadora was recently published by Alción Editora in Argentina. She was a finalist for the IV International Poetry Contest Martin García Ramos in Spain with her first book, Hotel. She has participated in different international poetry events as well as collaborated with different organizations for cultural and literary promotion, including being part of the jury for the Worcester Poet Laureate contest in 2019. She was Visiting Professor of Spanish at College of the Holy Cross until 2020.

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