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Art Against Virulence
Daniel Frost
Dora Calva, ’22
Ashley Rodríguez Lantigua, ’23
Judy Powell

Espacio literario
Juan Andrés Ercoli
Fátima Oseida, ’20
Teresa Gervais, ’20
Stephanie Alcántar
Paola Cadena Pardo

Espacio visual
Michael Beatty
Carmen Taraodo Abril
Claudia Dávila, ’20
Shea O’Scannlain, ’22
Study Abroad Photo Contest
The Getty Challenge

Espacio teatral
Vanessa Attaya, ’22
Manny Álvarez, ’20

Espacio pedagógico
Spanish 406
Montserrat 105G

Espacio reflexivo
Isabelle Jenkins
Hanna Benson ’20
Dora Calva ’22
Katie Kelsh ’20

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Agradecimientos especiales | Special thanks to

Cristi Rinklin, Michael Beatty and Rachelle Beaudoin in Visual Arts for motivating their students to share their creative spirit.

Rodrigo Fuentes, Ellen Lokos, Bridget Franco, and Helen Freear-Papio for their editorial help and for encouraging the classroom creativity that has produced work for fósforo.

Paola Cadena Pardo, for organizing a joint poetry reading with Stephanie Alcántara on March 9, which turned out to be one of the last creative performances on campus in fall 2020.

Alex, Bea, Carmen, Jose, Juani, Mar and Sisa, the Foreign Language Assistants in Spanish who lived together and supported one another through the unexpected disruptions of COVID-19, including the College’s evolving response and differing conditions back home.

Michelle Sterk Barrett and Isabelle Jenkins in the Donelan Office of Community Based Learning at Holy Cross.

To students, faculty, administration and staff who have stood up for human rights and an end to racial violence. Black lives matter.


“Placa en honor al fundador del hotel” and “Villa del perro” appear by permission of Paola Cadena Pardo. Thanks to Ulrika Editores (Colombia) and Bid & Co. Editor (Venezuela), respectively,where the works originally appeared. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

“Déjame caer” and “Quise tocar las cosas invisibles” appear by permission of Stephanie Alcántar. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

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